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Ho’omoe wai kāhi ke kāo’o


Let’s all travel together like water flowing in one direction

Live in harmony with other people and the world around you



“Hula has influenced me in so many ways. I’m grateful and blessed for the path it has placed me on, a path of enlightenment and spiritual awakening. I’m honored to be trusted with the knowledge, teachings and kuleana bestowed upon me. I will always mālama them and continue to honor and protect them as I share them with others.”



"The hālau has taught me and given me more than I could have ever imagined.  I have warm memories to last a lifetime. As a leader in the hālau I embrace my kuleana to my Kumu, fellow leaders and nā haumana. It's such an honor to be apart of this legacy, to share the Hawaiian culture and the true meaning of the Aloha Spirit.  As I continue on my hula journey, I keep in mind that I am always a student, I am here to  make my Kumu proud and keep the legacy going. Mahalo for the opportunity! IMUA!"

Picture of Kaulalena



“Hula, and this hālau, found me years ago and I am grateful for how it’s enriched my life with a sense of completion, lifelong friends who are now family and a connection to a culture I have always held close to my heart.  With everything that hula has brought to my life, it’s now my kuleana to share this extraordinary culture with others to ensure it continues to thrive and be there for future generations to come.”

Picture of Ke'ahunali'Ikane'Eikaualau



"Hula is my connection to ku’u one hānau, my kūpuna and future generations to come."

Picture of KAPI'OLANI



“Hula…..A beautiful word that calls to mind, the enchanting and mesmerizing movements of stories passed on through generations.  Hula also invokes such fond and treasured memories through these dances of our ancestors.  Hula encompasses my spirit and soul, and has given me so much Aloha, Ha’aha’a, ‘Ike, and Ha’aheo.  In turn, I generously give back in hopes of perpetuating the traditions of our ancestors to help keep the aloha spirit and traditions of the people and nā ali’i  alive and well.”

Picture of KALANIPU'U



"Hula has allowed me to become a better person.  I have the privilege of helping the Hawaiian culture stay alive, as well as perpetuate the history and teachings of our ancestors, hula and Kumu Kalāhikiola. Hula and our hālau has helped me become a humble person and taught me to be kind to others. It has also blessed me with an extended family and unconditional love. For that I will always be grateful.”




"It's been said that certain people come into our lives for a reason, mainly to help us grow in more ways than one.  This hālau has become more like a second family, and has helped shape me to become the person and hula dancer that I am today; ​and for that, I am truly grateful."




“Hula to me is not just a form of dance but a way of life and part of my soul. It connects me to my heritage and centers me through my life journey. I appreciate what I learn about the history, culture and spirit of Hawai’i and apply it to my life whether it be reflecting on the past, enjoying the present and looking forward to my life in the future. I have embraced a better sense of patience, confidence, compassion and awareness of the world around me and hope that I can give back what hula has given me: unconditional aloha.”

Picture of KE'ANOLANI



“Hula lives within me.  Hula brings me comfort and unconditional love, and it also makes me happy because I have been blessed with an extended family that I will always treasure.  My hula journey keeps me focused on what is important in life - my ever-growing family.”




“Hula to me is a way of expressing my love to those who I dedicate each mele. It has taught me respect and has also taught me to look at my past, present and future.  As a leader I feel it is my kuleana to help carry on the traditions and teachings of those before me, to perpetuate our culture and keep the spirit of aloha for today and our future.”



Mea Kako`o

“I am so grateful that hula chose me because it has taught me that hula is a way of life. Hula has become a part of who I am and has allowed me to have a spiritual connection with our Hawaiian culture. One thing that I have learned and now truly understand is that you cannot just receive the blessings of hula, you must always give back by sharing what you have learned.”

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