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Loa`a Foundation

California Non-Profit 501 (c)3


Loa’a Foundation will strive to be one of the most distinguished and recognized cultural organizations in Sacramento and beyond, and will fulfill its obligations to the community.


The Loa’a Foundation is an inclusive cultural organization dedicated to providing education of native Hawaiian culture by presenting and/or sponsoring hula, music, language, history, and other programs and workshops. The Foundation will serve the community by preserving and transmitting knowledge in a multi-cultural environment.

Board Members:

Ki`ihua Reyes - President

Maoli Ludden - Chief Financial Officer

Kaulalena Fonseca - Secretary

LOAʻA - to find, earn, discover, acquire and to obtain, are a few meanings that strongly defines a personʻs path and their worth. There is no better way to achieve personal triumph then from one’s own positive actions. The temperament to overcome and the will to succeed is the core of having and owning up to responsibilities in its natural way life often presents them. We all come into responsibilities each in our own path of circumstances and life experiences as we age. None are more greater than “Loaʻa.” Its ability to unfold and take notice of lifeʻs abundance in the human potential is immeasurable if we would only pay attention.


LOA’A is a way to define one’s self in this world. And how it transcends into each of your personal lives. Family, religion, work and play are essential components to obtain a quality of life, but it’s all about how we each live out this life and what we put into it that really defines our true purpose and meaning. What is your worth? What have you done that makes you who you are? What do you possess that defines you?


I encourage each of you to look at yourself in the mirror and to know you are a part of a “life-line.” It should mean that you are ONE first, and connected SECOND to many. Many do not put themselves first. They often put others before them. I say to you, “you must do for yourself in order to do for others.” Value yourself and your life first! Only then can you toss that “line” to make a difference in the lives of others. You can find, earn, discover, acquire and obtain anything you want out of life. And whatever the ONE (you) is able to accomplish in Loaʻa, you pay it forward SECOND to many among the multitudes. No matter in family, religion, work or play, you do RIGHT in this world because of it!


Kumu Blaine Kamalani Kia

Mahalo to:

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 "Funded in part by the {Cultural Arts Award Grant Program} of the Sacramento Office of Arts and Culture, with support from the City of Sacramento."

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