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E wehe i ka umauma i ākea

Open out the chest that it may be spacious

Be generous and kind to all

Juni Kalāhikiola Lovel is the beloved Kumu Hula of Hālau Ka Waikahe Lani Mālie and Hālau Kahulaliwai of Sacramento, California.  Her hawaiian name, Kalāhikiola means the life giving sun.  She earned her rites of passage as a Kumu Hula in 2005 by Kumu Blaine Kamalani Kia.

Kumu Kalāhikiola is proud to teach the hālau vision, to enhance and sustain strong cultural and spiritual values by better educating the hula practitioner to care, support and respect the dance, so, as they aspire to their full potential, they can spiritually and humbly make a contributing impact (through example) to the community and all walks of life.  She is also proud of the hālau mission whereby all properties of knowledge, wisdom and cultural aspects belonging to the dance as passed down from generation to generation, shall be maintained by the hālau principals for the benefit of all who are part of the dance.

In 2005, Kumu Kalāhikiola was given the prestigious Women of Color Award at the 7th Annual Sacramento Community Women of Color Day Event.  The award honors outstanding women in the State of California and nationwide.

Over the years, Kumu Kalāhikiola and her hālau have been involved in many local events, such as the Sacramento Pacific Rim Festival, In Celebration of our Cultures, San Francisco Aloha Festival, Sacramento Aloha Festival, North Columbia Folklife Festival, California State Fair, Pleasanton May Day Festival, Auburn Big Time Pow Wow, Pittsburg Heritage Festival, Galt Festival and many more.  In addition, the hālau has participated and placed in the Ia `Oe E Kalā Hula Competition in California and the Mai Kahiki Mai Hula Competition in Washington.

A firm believer in giving back to the community, Kumu Kalāhikiola has worked with many non-profit organizations: Single Mom Strong, Hui o Hawai`i of Sacramento, American Breast Cancer Society, American Heart Association, Girl Scouts of America, Special Olympics, Sacramento Children's Home and Shriner's Hospital for Children.  Every year Kumu Kalāhikiola and her hālau share their aloha to others by performing in local retirement, assisted living and care homes.  

Kumu Kalāhikiola and her hālau has been featured in in appearances on HGTV, Good Day Sacramento, KOVR Midday News, KVIE Public Television, MVMR Radio, KFOK Radio, Access Television and Channel 4 WAVE Broadband.

Kumu Kalāhikiola served as a Cultural Advisor to the Hawaiian Club at University of California at Davis.  She has had the honor of judging the Miss Polynesia Pageant, where she was happy to see young women engaged in the songs, costumes and dancing of their native lands.

Described by her haumāna as loving, vibrant, talented and creative, she feels that her greatest contribution is raising public awareness of a more spiritual and loving Hawaiian way of life.  She is proud of the committment and discipline her students demonstrate as they experience the lessons in dance, history and culture that hula provides.

Kumu Kalāhikiola credits her Kumu Hula, Blaine Kamalani Kia for inspiring her spirituality and deep love of hula.  When asked why she loves hula, she says, "It is a way to pass on what our ancestors have shared with us.  Hula gives us an opportunity to perpetuate our Hawaiian culture and to spread the spirit of aloha."

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